Our Values

Respect for our employees and collaborators

Because we are fully aware that a provision and delivery of an event is primarily a collective project, we encourage and support teamwork. The ability of initiative is an important asset in the company. Our human resources policy is distinguished by the excellence of its social context. Hence, we work in a very healthy working environment where trust is the key factor for good results and where our collaborators have total freedom to make further contributions.


Our agency is unique due to its spirit which allows to bring it closer to its customers (availability, usability, efficiency, timeliness, attention to detail, etc.). Thus, the organizational activity of the company, distributed across all production managers, ensures teams determined the success of each event.

Our service culture

We place great care to our recruitment process to ensure an efficient validation of skills, competencies and profiles. Therefore DeciBelles shares a culture of quality service; one of the principal framework of the company. This culture has encouraged us to treat all projects with the same dedication to achieve a result of excellence.

Environment and Ethics

DeciBelles is committed to make every effort to ensure respect for the environment (use of green technologies, use of digital media to limit printouts, car pooling, supplier selection, etc.) Our outfits are made in France, ensuring legal work performed in compliance with European standards and human rights.

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